Thai Food

This workshop is spoken in Portuguese. For cooking classes in English, please check our agenda.

Mexican Food

Andrés Montes do Callejero

This workshop is spoken in Portuguese. For cooking classes in English, please check our agenda.

The Secrets of Pastel de Nata

Learn, bake and taste Pastel de Nata

Pastel de Nata, also known as the Portuguese custard tarts, has become a worldwide famous symbol of Portuguese cuisine and is in fact an old cultural heritage originating back to the 17th century offering delight to the royal court and high society. Today, thanks to our 50 meter atelier store located in a charming historical building in the heart of Porto, we offer the opportunity for you to learn, bake and enjoy the famous Pastel De Nata. All equipment will be supplied from raw ingredients, aprons to utensils and equipment. You will be accompanied by one of our professional pastry chefs whom will guide you in your creation of the perfect tart. Expect a fun experience for you and your friends and family for 1.5 hour, where you will be cooking pastels to eat warm with a glass of Porto Wine, in a cool and cozy enviroment. The full cooking experience will be held both in English and Portuguese. We also have the opportunity to accommodate other languages, don’t hesitate to inquire by sending us a message. There’s no better souvenir than to bring home with you a true Portuguese experience!

Workshop in Portuguese and English

Risottos by Chef Frederico Fontes

Aprenda com um especialista uma das técnicas mais exigentes da cozinha italiana e torne-se capaz de criar risottos variados que sirvam de refeição ou acompanhamento.
O Chefe Frederico Fontes além dos seus próprios restaurantes trabalhou com o Chefe Chacall e desde há 5 anos gere mais de 30 cozinhas de restaurantes. Tem formação em cozinha  e gestão hoteleira pela escola de Hotelaria do Estoril, pelo que poderá iniciar-se na difícil tarefa de passar a cozinhar Risottos perfeitos pelas mãos de um profissional do melhor.

Workshop em portuguese and english