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Cool, Soft & Chic

Soft rain coats, 100% waterproof, with an innovative design, are one of the brand images of Cool, Soft & Chic, a portuguese brand.

Maria Roupa

Maria Roupa is a portuguese brand dedicated to casual and carefree fashion. Relaxed but always special clothes and accessories


Wear Moustard, feel good.


Salitre was born right by the ocean where two brothers decided to create a men’s clothing brand.

Blest. Medallions

Blest. is original handcrafted jewellery, created with intentions to charm and provide blessings of protection to those we care about.


Women’s clothing for children and adults.

All From Nature

Handcrafted and unique products made from dried flowers emerged. Each flower is unique and special.

Companhia da Casa

Home items that invest in what is portuguese. Grandma’s blanket or mother’s terrine with a modern touch.

Objecto Anónimo

The typical Portuguese patterns printed on windows, monuments or handmade tiles, inspire the collection of products of this brand.

Poças Wine

Poças is a family business that has been producing wines for the past ten years in Porto, DOC Douro and Moscatel.

Occidens organic olive oil

An oil with green olives, a strong flavor and an interesting complexity.