Stores in Lisboa

Cool, Soft & Chic

Light rain coats, 100% waterproof, with an innovative design, are one of the brand images of Cool, Soft & Chic, a Portuguese brand, founded by two friends, that bets on the national quality. This duo is responsible for the whole process, from creation, design, selection of raw materials, through confection, promotion and sale of parts. With the guarantee that each piece is unique because it is made by hand. Products for a market from 8 to 80 years old or more, from the Coolest, the Softest and the Chic!

Life Urban Store

Unique fashion accessories, especially for sunglasses, jewelry in steel and leather bags. The Portuguese brand stands out for the good taste coupled with originality in of accessories.

Love by K

From Sweden with love comes the collection of Love By K, a brand of success that presents in its collection different pieces: from traditional socas to galoshes, to handkerchiefs, knitwear or pieces of costume jewelry. Lisa Quintas, a Swedish woman living in Portugal for several years, started by importing Swedish flavors and products to make her country known and inspire the Portuguese. It ended up expanding the variety of products and today has a successful brand that sells online to the World and in person in two stores in Porto, one of them in Workshops Pop Up .

For Sale I Like

ILike is a 100% Portuguese brand that likes to create original and versatile pieces, with a good compromise between its quality and its price. Turn basic into unique pieces in the wardrobe for mothers, daughters and friends!

Pacifique Sud Is Back

Pacifique Sud, the vintage brand known for the tortoise logo, was reborn by the hands of João Freitas and Raquel Ribeiro, with an even more irreverent formula, complete and not forgetting the bestsellers, the bergamas that have fascinated generations. Unisex streetwear and surfwear, shirts, pants, shorts and dresses in bargains, t-shirts customized by Portuguese grafiters and the surfer ponchos. Pacifique Sud, the brand of French origin, the most Portuguese in the world, is back!


Vintage Fashion and special occasions clothes!

Companhia da Casa

Articles for the home with the guarantee of the best quality and bet on what is national. Grandma’s cloth or mother’s terrine with a modern look. The House Company has a range of products that include crockery made from stoneware or clay, handmade nail polish by craftsmen, cushions and handmade carpets. You no longer have an excuse not to renovate the decor of your home.

Objecto Anónimo

Objecto Anónimo

The typical Portuguese patterns stamped on stained glass, monuments or wall murals, inspire Objeto Anónimo’s collection of products, which includes notepads, picture postcards, bookmarks, coloring books, Portuguese recipe books, stoneware Sardine or cod, sacks, cup bases or magnets.

Cool Gardening

Cool Gardening

Unique, creative and affordable gardening solutions, regardless of level of knowledge or experience. Create your hanging garden with several plants like bonsais, catos or succulents (Kokedamas).


Bonjardim soaps are made from Portuguese olive oil, vegan and 100% biodegradable. Created by a team of researchers from the cosmetic and food areas, Bonjardim products respect the environment and preserve Portuguese traditions. The packages are made of recycled paper with typical Portuguese tile patterns. From there were born 1001 beautiful stationery products: postcards and kits of origamis with Portuguese standards and, more recently, a line of original bags.


The Danish brand Kreafunk features lightweight and portable speakers and headphones with an innovative design that work with bluetooth 3.0 connection and allow control via the mobile phone. The various models – aGroove, aMoove, aOwl (better known as owl), aGlow and aHead – are distinguished by excellent sound quality and battery life.


Versatile and original floor or table lamps, using materials such as wood or plastic bottles or glass bottles from the old factories of Marinha Grande. The catalog includes products from the Light Stax brands (lamps with parts) from the Danish Vita Copenhagen, with products focused on aesthetics, simplicity and functionality, as well as Plumen lighting accessories.


Create your own blankets, rugs or wallets with colorful Tek-Tek rags. The threads, needles, buttons, fasteners and other do-it-yourself accessories are in the UP UP Workshops.
Welcome Home

Welcome Home

OPorto  photographed by those who know the city well: people who were homeless. Through this social project, the Portuguese company Welcome Home intends to rehabilitate and give an autonomous life to these people. A collection of postcards with photographs of Invicta to share with those you love.

OMMP Leather

Leather Fashion

Occidens organic olive oil

This organic oil is produced in Vila Flor, in the region of Trás-os-Montes. The olives are picked up in mid-November and squeezed less than 12 hours later. The result is an olive oil with a marked taste of green olives, slightly spicy and with an interesting complexity. Suitable to be eaten raw, to soak in bread, in special fish dishes, aromatic salads, gourmet cheeses or desserts..

Alma Portuguesa Cabazes Gourmet

They bring to anywhere in the world genuine Portuguese gourmet baskets, with 100% national products and handcrafted to offer to those who like. Liqueurs, teas, spices, chocolates, cheeses, crackers and more to taste.

Poças Wine

Poças is a family business that has been producing wines for the past ten years in Porto, DOC Douro and Moscatel. The company’s assets also include three properties in the Demarcated Region of the Douro, which cover more than 100 hectares of vineyard, where wines of excellent quality are produced that reach the four corners of the world. To prove and harmonize with the menus created with our best chefs at the Pop Up Workshops.