We are experiences in the shape of a store.

We combine an area of pop up stores-in-store and a kitchen studio prepared for real gastronomic and cultural experiences. Each visit to our store is a promise of something new. Either because of the always changing pop up stores, or the gastronomic experiences taking places in our kitchen or of the numerous initiatives taking places in our space.

We had our first store in an old hardware store in Porto Downtow, which still maintains an original rail and the floor in Portuguese sidewalk that we covered with 1001 carpets. We later expanded to the Chiado area where we share the space of the ancient Sacramento Church. Intense experiences in unique locations.

In our stores, the past coexists with modernity, and you can find products to taste (preserves, gourmet products, wines, biological oils), ideas for renovating your home (crockery, textiles, lamps, vintage decorative objects) or even unique pieces of fashion

In our kitchens studios we provide unique experiences with the best chefs: Camilo Jaña (Caffeine, Terra and Portarossa), Arnaldo Azevedo (Palco), sushichefe Ruy Leão (Shiko), Nuno Castro (Esquina do Avesso), Américo dos Santos (Pastry at Chef Belcanto) or the food writer Joana Roque.

We guarantee relaxed moments, where you can learn the tricks of the great chefs and the dishes that are in vogue such as risottos, sushi, pasta sauces, cocktails, desserts worthy of a Michelin star chef.

Unique moments to share