Mexican Food

This workshop is spoken in Portuguese. For cooking classes in English, please check our agenda.

Mexican Food

This workshop is spoken in Portuguese. For cooking classes in English, please check our agenda.

The Secrets of Pastel de Nata

Learn, cook and taste the portuguese Pastel de Nata

Pastel de Nata, also known as the Portuguese custard tarts, has become a worldwide famous symbol of the Portuguese cuisine.

In this cooking class, our professional pastry chef will guide you in your creation of the perfect tart!

Expect a fun experience, for you and your friends or family, where you will be cooking pastels with a glass of Porto Wine, in a cool and cozy enviroment downtown.

We also have the opportunity to accommodate other languages or dates, don’t hesitate to inquire by sending us an e-mail to

Workshop in english

Holiday Recipes

This workshop is spoken in Portuguese. For cooking classes in English, please check our agenda.

Cook and Taste Portugal

Workshops Pop Up Selected Chefs

Enjoy a hands-on Portuguese cooking experience with this cooking class. Prepare, learn, have fun, relax, and enjoy a typical Portuguese meal accompanied by local famous wines and spirits in an informal atmosphere at Porto’s downtown «Baixa»!

For aditional dates, workshops and team building options or languages, please send an email to We have people from all over the world enjoying our kitchen and events!

Workshop in English


Veggie kitchen

David Vieira

This workshop is held in Portuguese.

Workshop em português

Thai Food

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Cook & Taste Portugal


The cooking class takes place in an inspiring and quite representative spot of the Chiado scene: The workshops Pop Up Store in Chiado, in a kitchens shared in ancient times with the magnificnent church of Sacramento.

In the class you Will learn how to prepare a Portuguese starter, a main course of cod and the most famous Portuguese desert (you have to guess!). While you cook and learn the many secrets of the Portuguese ingredients and traditions you will be served white and red wine from the internationally renowned region of the Douro. After the meal preparation you will have lunch or dinner and taste the real Portuguese meal you helped to prepare. In the end you will taste the famous 10 years old port wine to match with the desert. Tea or coffe are also included.



1. Scrumble eggs with “Farinheira”, This is a very typical starter in Portugal!
2. Codfish “á la Brás” Style, Codfish is a very typical fish used in portuguese gastronomy. very flavoured this delicious dish will offer you a memorable experience.
3. Arroa doce, We call it sweet rice! Easy to eat and so simple to do it at your own kitchen!