Colombian Food

Chef Andrés Cárdenas e Chef Jeisson Pedrão – Os Cresta de Galo

The spices, colors and combinations of Colombian cuisine are a world to explore!

The Cresta de Galo are an unbeatable duo and are joining our pop up kitchen to take us on a journey.

We have Colombian Chef Andrés Cárdenas, who brings with him more than 9 years of experience in various cities in Colombia, Brazil and Portugal. And Chef Jeisson Pedrão, a lover of flavors and textures, who came from Bogotá and is currently chef at the Callejero restaurant in Porto.

Ready to dive into the flavors of Colombia?

Traditional Portuguese Vegetarian Food

Chef Inês Proença

Do you know what looks good on a Portuguese home?

Vegetarian food on the table!

It is possible to recreate the wonders of Portuguese gastronomy without using animal protein and Chef Inês Proença comes to prove it!

With 8 years of experience, Inês has already left her mark in restaurants such as Fava Tonka, Casa de Chá da Boa Nova and Ocean, and has participated in several events at The Yeatman and Casa da Calçada.

Let's taste Portugal without limits?

Oriental Food

Chef João Pupo Lameiras

Let's fly from China to Thailand and from Japan to Porto? 🥡

The street food and traditional dishes of various Asian countries serve as inspiration for this workshop and for some of this chef's restaurants.

We're talking about João Pupo Lameiras, the well-traveled face who brought the RO concept and Asia Connection to Porto. He is also the culprit behind many delicious dishes, such as those at Restaurante Mundo.

Come along on this true oriental gastronomic journey!


Chef Francisco Bonneville

Francisco Bonneville come to our kitchen to bring us a workshop dedicated to the comforting Japanese broths - Ramen.

With João Pupo Lameiras, he explored Japan and its ancestral cuisine, and together they opened RO Restaurant.

Do you accept this direct ticket to Japan? 🍜


Chef Ruy Leão

Dumplings are very traditional in Asia made from a totally unique and fragile dough.

Their preparation requires delicacy and an almost artistic handling of the dough. That's why there's no one better than Chef Ruy Leão to guide us through this adventure!

For Ruy, originality is an indispensable ingredient in any dish he creates in his highly acclaimed restaurants such as Panca and Shiko.

Join in and learn how to master this wonderful dish that has been around the world!

Dinner For Two

Chef Hugo Araújo

Let's surprise your better half? 🍒

They say that the heart is won with the mouth... Chef Hugo Araújo is going to put that theory to the test.

A workshop full of temptations that promises to be an incredibly passionate experience, where you can prepare and enjoy a mouth-watering meal together with your significant other!

Can you feel the butterflies in your stomach? Taste and love are in the air! ❤️


The price of this workshop includes the participation of 2 people. This means that this event is sold in pairs, so the purchase of one ticket means 2 participants.

Contemporary Vegetarian

Chef Inês Proença

In contemporary cuisine, imagination sits at the table with flavor!

With 8 years' experience, Inês Proença has already left her mark in restaurants such as Fava Tonka, Casa de Chá da Boa Nova and Ocean and has participated in various events at The Yeatman and Casa da Calçada.

Ready to discover the taste of imagination?

Portugal Contemporary

Chef Luís Américo

Contemporary cuisine tastes like something new!

Chef Luís Américo, known for his famous and charismatic restaurants in Porto such as Cantina 32, Puro 4050, Lapa Lapa and Fado em Macau, is the guest for this experience.

He is one of the chefs who works best with contemporary Portuguese cuisine. The result of many years of practice, he is a veritable encyclopedia of little tricks.

Are you looking forward to this experience full of knowledge and flavor?

Cook and Taste Portugal

Wanna cook like a real Chef?

Join this cooking class and get to know what Portugal tastes like!

This country is known for having a very rich and varied cuisine. Learn, prepare, have fun and enjoy a typical portuguese meal downtown accompained by local wines!

For aditional dates, workshops, team building options or languages, please send an email to

Portugal Asia

Chef Diogo Coimbra

If cooking is all about mixtures, why not combine two highly coveted cuisines in the world of foodies!

Let's take our senses to the extreme with the help of Chef Diogo Coimbra, Chef of Camilo Restaurant, a recent reference in the city of Porto.

Ready to taste the best of both worlds?