Tarte Tatin – The inside out pie!

Pie on the contrary, Pie inside out, Pie upside down … Never has a pie been so delicious!

In this fun workshop, the challenge will be to make a pie in reverse, but very straight !!

You will learn all the tricks on how to prepare the classic and famous Tarte Tatin from the talented Chef Nele Duportail.

In it duportail, a Belgian in Portugal for over 2 decades.

Cook for passion, and self-taught for conviction, in it works the technique of apple tatin tart, shortcrust pastry, classic pasta and savory versions of pie, as long as you remember!

With all the tips and details, you will leave this workshop eager to discover more about the delicious universe of Pies!

We are waiting for you, we have everything ready to share with you!

Vietnam Food

Learn the best of Vietnam Food with a top Chef

Workshop in portuguese or english

Learn, Bake and Taste Pastel de Nata

Learn, bake and taste Pastel de Nata

Pastel de Nata, also known as the Portuguese custard tarts, has become a worldwide famous symbol of Portuguese cuisine and is in fact an old cultural heritage originating back to the 17th century offering delight to the royal court and high society. Today, thanks to our 50 sq´meter atelier store located in a charming historical building in the heart of Chiado, we offer the opportunity for you to learn, bake and enjoy the famous Pastel De Nata. All equipment will be supplied from raw ingredients, aprons to utensils and equipment. You will be accompanied by one of our professional pastry chefs whom will guide you in your creation of the perfect tart. Expect a fun experience for you and your friends and family for 1.5 hour, where you will be cooking pastels to eat warm with a glass of Porto Wine, in a cool and cozy enviroment. The full cooking experience will be held both in English and Portuguese. We also have the opportunity to accommodate other languages, don’t hesitate to inquire by sending us a message. There’s no better souvenir than to bring home with you a true Portuguese experience!

The cooking experience will be held in my owned Workshops Pop Up store located 200 meters away from the Santa Justa lift and the Camoes plaza. The ground floor store happens to also be part of the Santíssimo Sacramento Church offering a unique a genuine vibe for any visitors.

Workshop em Inglês

Pizza fan?!?

Pizza for everyone: from 8 to 80!

José Paulo Pardim is a pizzaiolo you would love to meet!
Passionate about history, and training historian, this grandson of Portuguese and Italians was born in Brazil but for 20 years he has moved to Europe. With a strong connection to the gastronomic universe, he has lived between Rome and Lisbon for the last 10 years of his life.
It’s telling stories that will reveal the secrets of true pizza: salt, yeast, water and flour!

From Italy to the world, la bella pizza is a sure bet on every table. The versions vary, but the starting point is always the same – and much earlier than common sense imagines.

In this Workshop we will travel for millennia, exploring how this mix of ancestral ingredients reaches the present day as a unanimity in the universe of gastronomy.

Between deserved and tasty tastings, participants will learn to:
1) Select the ideal ingredients to ensure a good dough;
2) The secrets of the preparation and the key points of the cooking plan (differences between ready-to-eat dough and precotta);
3) Intelligent variations for the use of production: schiacciata and focaccia bread;
4) The correct preparation of the traditional tomato sauce and two other amazing variations from base to filling;
5) The step-by-step of all stages, the combination and cooking with the most varied toppings, where you can let go of all your creativity!

May your imagination not fail!

Summer Recipes

This Class is spoken in Portuguese. For cooking classes in English, please see our agenda.

Workshop in portuguese