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Tarte Tatin – The inside out pie!

Pie on the contrary, Pie inside out, Pie upside down … Never has a pie been so delicious!

In this fun workshop, the challenge will be to make a pie in reverse, but very straight !!

You will learn all the tricks on how to prepare the classic and famous Tarte Tatin from the talented Chef Nele Duportail.

In it duportail, a Belgian in Portugal for over 2 decades.

Cook for passion, and self-taught for conviction, in it works the technique of apple tatin tart, shortcrust pastry, classic pasta and savory versions of pie, as long as you remember!

With all the tips and details, you will leave this workshop eager to discover more about the delicious universe of Pies!

We are waiting for you, we have everything ready to share with you!


16 available
Tarte Tatin_LX_09.02.2030

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