Our shop in Porto has a food bar inside.

For this food bar we asked some of the best and most famous chefs and food lovers from Portugal to create delicious recipes that were able to be served in bowls!

We have now delicious and original bowls from Chefes Chakall, Luis Américo, Camilo Jaña, Ruy Leão, João Pupo Lameiras, Joana Gonçalves, Leonor Manita, Martilicious and Joana Roque! We added then great cockatails from the famous barmans Kiko Pericoli and Sandro Pimenta, selected Bowls of Paleo Charcuterie approved by Caramelo’s Kitchen and top Bowls of cheese selected by our neibours Queijaria do Almada. All the bowls have a unique flavor, either for a vigorous and healthy breakfast, a delicious lunch or a relaxed sunset!

All this in a cozy and simple atmospheres as the bowls demand!

find more in the cookery website:

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